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chickamauga murderous fire A Murderous Fire:
Regimental Wargame Scenarios For The Battle of Chickamauga: Sep. 11th - 19th

     The Battle of Chickamauga marked the high tide of Confederate fortunes in the West. Pulling troops from as far as Virginia and Mississippi, two armies fought for control of Chattanooga, the gateway to Georgia and the interior of the Confederacy. Take command of both opponents and refight this classic campaign and battle with ten detailed scenarios from the campaign up to and including the first day of the battle.

     These miniature game scenarios are designed to be used with almost any American Civil War regimental level set of rules. Rules are included for figures based on 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100 historic men per figure/stand. Times are given for 10, 15, and 20 minutes per game turn. Maps are in full color, as are the numerous color photographs of the modern battlefield. This book does not contain rules for playing miniature wargames.

Available at Amazon.com and Wargame Vault.

  Scenarios include:

Davis’ Crossroads
Leet’s Tan Yard
Surprise at Jay’s Mill
McCook’s Shooting Star
Liddell’s Charge
Cracking the Center
Viniard Farm
Kingston House
Diversion at Glass Mill
Fury at Dusk

And a full order of battle for September 19th!

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