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Historic Imagination began in 2008 as an outlet for my creativity.  At first, I began a small miniature painting service as a little extra income as a stay-at-home dad.  I had a larger vision though.  I had always loved “then and now” pictures of historic battlefields, especially the American Civil War.  This passion grew into Civil War Virtual Tours.  I wanted a new way to show readers on the web battlefields instead of just a few pictures and captions.  I wanted to pack as much information into the site as possible.  Maps, video, pictures, and a complete order of battle; I wanted everything.

I’ve played in and painted for Civil War miniature games going on twenty years now.  When there was a lull in working on Civil War Virtual Tours in late 2009 I decided to try my hand at designing and publishing a set of scenarios for the Battle of Chickamagua.  That was always one of the plans behind Civil War Virtual Tours, but I decided to take the time and publish the first book.  More will follow.

In 2012 I began work on my first Civil War battle study. Based on my research for Civil War Virtual Tours, I published The Battle of Pickett's Mill: Along the Dead-Line in 2013. Expect a new book on Allatoona Pass in 2014!

Who knows where the future will take me!

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