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battle of antietam Brave Hearts Trembled:
Regimental Wargame Scenarios
For the Battle of Antietam

     The Battle of Antietam was the single bloodiest day in American military history. It was fought with a ferocity unsurpassed by anything the men who battled there encountered before or afterwards! Recreate the struggle to contain the Confederacy’s first invasion of the north.

     These scenarios are designed to be used with almost any American Civil War regimental level set of rules.  Rules are included for figures based on 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100 historic men per figure/stand.  Times are given for 10, 15, and 20 minutes per game turn.  Maps are in full color, as are the numerous color photographs of the modern battlefield.

Available at Amazon.com and Wargame Vault.

  Scenarios include:

Skirmish in the East Woods
Dawn in The Cornfield
Sedgwick Ambushed!
Bloody Lane
Sixth Corps at Dunker Church
The Boonesboro Pike
Burnside’s Bridge
Ninth Corps Attacks

And a full order of battle!

  "If you have any interest in researching and playing scenarios from the Battle of Antietam, I can highly recommend “Brave Hearts Trembled”!"

-Cory Ring, Cigar Box Battles
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