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The Battle of Pickett's Mill: Along the Dead-Line

Picketts Mill Cover

On May 27, 1864, Union forces under the command of Major General William Tecumseh Sherman attacked Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston and his men at Pickett's Mill in Paulding County, Georgia. Following his defeat at New Hope Church, Sherman ordered Major General Oliver Howard to attack Johnston's flank, which Sherman believed to be exposed. But the Confederate soldiers were ready, and Sherman s supporting troops never arrived. What ensued was a battle that produced 2,100 casualties and a defeat that Sherman left completely out of his memoirs. Author Brad Butkovich brings to life through personal letters, newspaper accounts and unit histories the battle that Union soldier and author Ambrose Bierce called "the Dead-Line."

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"All in all, this is an excellent addition to the historiography of the warfare in North Georgia and William T. Sherman’s movements toward Atlanta" -Scott Mingus Sr., author of Confederate General William "Extra Billy" Smith: From Virginia's Statehouse to Gettysburg Scapegoat
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"The Battle of Pickett's Mill is easily the fight's best published treatment to date." -Andrew Wagenhoffer, editor of Civil War Books and Authors
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"The Battle of Pickett’s Mill: Along the Dead-Line by Brad Butkovich, an entry in The History Press’ “Sesquicentennial Series” of books is one of the best in that series and one of the best battle studies on an individual battle of the Atlanta Campaign." -Brett Shulte, editor of TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog
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